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    Yes, you can make your own laws.  And it's not only legal, it's the backbone of American democracy.


    We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  And if over the years corrupt politicians have made us forget that, shame on us.  The time has come for all American citizens to reclaim that which is rightfully theirs:  The right to enact laws on the federal, state and local levels that reflect the will of the majority.






    On the local level, municipal charters provide the legislative blueprints that allow citizens to amend city laws, as well as draft, pass, implement and/or repeal ordinances.  Most people don’t know about these charter provisions.  But practically every municipality has them and they’re meant to be used to benefit city residents and businesses.


    Simply put, if a majority of voters want – and vote for - a proposed law, it becomes law… as long as they’re not in conflict with prevailing state and federal laws.


    Have your requests for a traffic light in your neighborhood to protect the kids who play there fallen on the deaf ears of your city commission? Thanks to The Law Store you can legally compel them to install that traffic light!  Do you want to stop that Wal-Mart SuperCenter from being built in your neighborhood? The Law Storecan help.  Whatever law you need passed, The Law Store can make it happen.


    To enact legislation, Law Store personnel assist clients in drafting the measures they wish to implement and then determine exactly what the given municipality requires to enact a citizen-initiated law. The Law Store’s legislative team then leaps into action to implement their clients’ laws.


    The Law Store is the ultimate example of America’s democratic bulwark; it provides a system of checks and balances on city governments run amuck by serving the few and forsaking the many.  Thanks to The Law Store, there’s now a legislative mechanism by which the citizens — to whom elected officials are accountable — can take remedial action and rectify the situation.


    Prices for enacting legislations vary depending on the municipality and the complexity of the measure to be enacted.



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